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I’m so stressed out.

I hate our pediatrician. She’s really demeaning and she doesn’t notice. She’s giving us a hard time about Ted not consuming dairy. Telling us his belly isn’t big enough to eat enough food to meet the amount of calcium he should be getting. Asking her questions is so pointless.

And then there’s Charlie’s nursing habits. He sleeps for 2 1/2 hours, wakes up, nurses 5 freaking minutes, and then isn’t interested in the boob. Ten minutes later, he’s got his mouth on his hands and is rooting. So I nurse him again. Another 5 minutes. This happens 3-5 times between long naps. I don’t remember Ted doing this… I’m sure it has to do with his newborn tummy still being tiny, but jeez… Ted nursed ferociously when he was tiny.

And to top it all off, the hubby works all day and I have no one around to help. So I’m alone with the newborn and the energetic, needy 19 month old from 9:30-6. I gave birth 8 days ago and I’m still healing physically, not to mention the hormonal issues… This is so hard.

Charlie just napped in a swaddler in the cradle for 2 1/2 hours.


I need receipts on some of these but overall very cool!

Did anyone else

get really weird pains all over their abdomen during the first week postpartum? I get wracking pains in random places around my belly. Especially when I eat in the morning.

23 oz of breastmilk already frozen…and I’m only 6 days pp. Someone tell my boobies to relax!

23 oz of breastmilk already frozen…and I’m only 6 days pp. Someone tell my boobies to relax!

How far along were you on d day this last pregnancy?

I was 38 weeks, 6 days. 8 days early, just like with my first son.


Do the pads still absorb if they have witch hazel in them?

The two tiny tears where I got stitches are throbbing… My heart goes out to the ladies who seriously tore during delivery.

Any advice for ways to numb it?